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Why everyone needs a 15 litre knapsack!

15L Knapsack Sprayer

6 September 2019

Regardless of whether you are a smaller hobby farmer, pest controller, local council, or even a mine site, the Swissmex 15 litre knapsack is the allrounder sprayer everyone needs in their shed.

Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, the knapsack sprayer is packed full of outstanding features, making it a best seller.

The most impressive feature of the knapsack sprayer is the dual diaphragm piston pump. The low friction piston incorporates a seal which provides high pressure (over 6 bar) spraying. Should the seal leak for any reason, the diaphragm underneath the piston pump returns any excess liquid to the tank. This diaphragm piston combination is a unique safety feature that helps prevents leaking and reduces the risk of poisoning.

The knapsack is also fitted with Viton® seals, increasing the sprayer’s longevity. Viton®, also commonly use in scuba diving equipment, is a high performing rubber that is more resistant to aggressive chemicals.

The strong, UV stablished tank is translucent, allowing you to see how full, or empty, the tank is at a glance.  The tank is also easy to clean, and at 15 litres, holds a decent amount of liquid, suitable for most small jobs.

A heavy duty lid features two clips to easily connect the lance to protect it during transport and also for saving space when storing in a shed or ute tray. The lid also includes a strainer underneath ensuring a clean, liquid fill.

There’s a long, sturdy pumping lever, or handle, for easier operation, requiring less effort to maintain spraying pressure.

The Swissmex knapsack sprayer also features a rugged, brass lance with an adjustable nozzle at one end and a trigger gun for switching on and off at the other. Inside the handle is a pressure strainer to stop the nozzle from blocking and the handle and lance are attached to the tank via a high grade hose that should last the sprayer’s lifetime.

Other features include a pressure gauge mounted on the spray trigger for accurate application, a wide filling port, filling strainer and pressure filtration.

And it’s comfortable! The backpack sprayer has an ergonomic, curved tank design that is moulded for comfort whilst operating, and wide, padded straps for even weight distribution when carrying and lifting.

It also comes with a spare’s kits including a purpose built spanner to undo the nuts and bolts on the unit for easy servicing.

A wide range of accessories are available for the unit including various size spray guards, spray booms and different lances for perfect spray distribution. Every component of the sprayer is also  available for purchase as a spare part.

And finally, the Swissmex 15 litre knapsack is backed by a 2 yr warranty – not that you’re ever likely to need it!

The beauty of the knapsack sprayer is its flexibility to address the needs of not only farmers, but also other businesses with agricultural spraying needs, such as Councils.

The City of Salisbury council in South Australia uses the Swissmex Sprayers for weed and pest control throughout the Council area.  The benefit of these knapsacks is that it allows for ‘on the run’ weed and pest control for all operators.

The Council use the Swissmex sprayer for its affordability, ease of us and the fact that components are readily available should there be a need for them.

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 Did you know?

The majority of poisoning’s that occur on farms are from piston only knapsack sprayers.


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