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Three-point linkage sprayers – versatile

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17 October 2019

Remaining versatile is important in today’s farming environment – and it’s also critical when choosing the right three-point linkage sprayer which is why Spray Shop Australia’s linkage sprayer systems come in various sizes and are packed with features that exceed the industry standard.

Our 600L, 800L and 1000L models are the smart choice if you run a small to medium enterprise. Standard features like integrated flush tanks and venturi tank agitation make life easier for the operator and a wide range of options can also be fitted to truly tailor the machine to the operator’s requirements.

Hose reels, fencerow jets, and chemical induction systems are just some of the ways our linkage sprayer range can be tailored to suit individual needs.

At Sprayshop Australia, we also place great importance on the health and safety of our clients which is why we pride ourselves on being able to advise on a unit that finds the right mix between efficiency and safety.

On one hand, it makes sense to attach the biggest sprayer you can buy to your tractor and avoid wasting valuable time going backwards and forwards to refill – but bigger doesn’t always mean better. If you choose a linkage system that’s too large, your tractor will struggle with a full tank of spray and it could end up losing balance or traction on slopes.

At Sprayshop Australia, we have the expertise to help you not only find the right sized sprayer for your operation but also the best specification to make your spraying program as efficient and safe as possible.

Croplands Linkage Sprayer Features 600L 800L 1000L
Galvanised steel booms and frames for longer lasting performance
5 tap control for all liquid functions
Robust positive displacement spray pump – PTO supplied
Flushing tank for in-field clean out
Handwash tank for safety
Venturi tank agitation Note: 800L model comes with on/off control tap on PRV control
Calibrated tank with clear volume markings
Rear mounted pump to protect from damage and allow PTO more overlap
Large lid with strainer
Translucent white UV-stabilised tank to see level at a glance
Easy access drain for complete clean out
Quick-adjust boom side mounts
Slide-out rear park legs for stability when parked with larger booms fitted
Height adjustable control mount
Forklift points on bottom frame for safe loading/unloading
Fold-up step
Over-top support for added strength
Four dedicated tie-down points for transport
Retractable easy-access parking legs for added safety
Easy access suction filter

At Spray Shop Australia, you can choose from a range of different boom lengths depending on the sprayer you buy.

Boom Length Options 6m 8m 10m 12m
800L Note: Self-levelling device fitted to 12m boom option only
100L Note: Self-levelling device fitted to all advertised 1000l models

Another feature that makes our 600L, 800L and 1000L linkage sprayer systems a wise choice is that AirMix® low drift air-induction nozzles are a standard inclusion on all Croplands-branded booms.
These nozzles combine function and flexibility with adjustable nozzles for the best coverage and air cleaning systems to eliminate blockages.

AirMix® low drift air-induction nozzles also offer up to 90% drift reduction ensuring your spraying is effective and safe.

We understand that any sprayer system you invest in must deliver on price and performance.

Our linkage sprayer models provide all-round versatility and can be used to apply herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilisers and water.

They are built for your existing machinery, built for the job and built to last.

Like to know more?

Find your spraying solution today. With experienced dealers across the country, Spray Shop Australia can help you choose the right linkage sprayer for your needs. Enquire today.

Did you know?

Three-point linkage (aka three-point hitch) technology was first patented by Irish engineer Harry Ferguson in 1926.

Candace Brown’s 2015 article ‘Harry Ferguson and the Three-Point Hitch’ explores how three-point linkage revolutionised primary industry and Ferguson’s infamous handshake agreement with United States industrialist and businessman Henry Ford.

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